Dues, Rules, & Neighborhood Covenants

Annual Dues - What Do They Cover?

The current annual dues amount of $142.00 (est. $12 per month) largely goes towards grounds maintenance of the vast area of Alamosa Place drainage ditches, canals and swales (including upkeep of the retention pond). This is necessary to ensure proper stormwater drainage throughout the community, which will aid in the prevention of flooding. This also includes upkeep of all the common areas, mowing of the retention pond banks, and bi-yearly mowing of the main canals. In addition, annual dues cover management fees, monthly electricity bills, irrigation repair, and general operation expenses for the association, which includes office supplies, postage, attorney fees, and accounting. Another portion of the annual dues are set aside in reserve to pay for mandatory maintenance and dredging of our retention pond and ditches. 

Community Covenants, By-laws, & Rules