Closing Information

We respectfully request a reasonable amount of time for all closing requests. Please find information below pertaining to Alamosa Place HOA contact and requirements.

Email all requests to:

[email protected]

All Dues Are Payable to:

Alamosa Place HOA
4608 Cedar Ave Bld#3 Suite 114
Wilmington, NC 28403


Dues are $142.00, Billed Annually and due by March 31.  This covers the current year's budget, which runs from Jan 1 through Dec 31. 

Dues schedule is reassessed each year based on the budget that is approved by the homeowners at the annual meeting (Held in October or November), so please check the page in early January for the current year's dues.

The HOA only maintains insurance on the common areas and does not have a master policy.

Currently there are no pending special assessments.


About Annual Dues


Alamosa Place annual dues are $142.00, payable by March 31st of every year.

Please mail payment to:

Alamosa Place HOA
4608 Cedar Ave Bldg#3 suite 114
Wilmington, NC 28403

Annual dues assessments cover many things, such as, landscaping of the common areas, canals, retention pond, and easements that the HOA is responsible to maintain, the cost of HOA management, insurance policies for the community, attorney fees, and costs connected with the general running of a homeowner's association such as postage, yearly annual meeting expenses, tax preparation, accounting and office supplies.

Accounts not paid in full by April 1st will be subject to late fines and administrative fees, unless previous payment arrangements have been made with the Board of Directors. The Board understands that things happen in all of our lives and is willing to work with home owners on an individual basis to make payment arrangements (Dependent on their circumstances).

Note: To avoid late fines arrangements must be made in advance of the invoice due date.